Agent Duties

  1. Attend minimum of two service meetings per year with Commissioners, Facility Director, or designated contacts to review CORSA program and discuss new exposures, developments, and member needs.
  2. Respond promptly to requests for information and questions from members.
  3. Keep CORSA staff apprised of member’s questions, concerns, and needs.
  4. Meet with member to coordinate collection of information needed for renewal application; complete and submit renewal application to CORSA.
  5. Maintain property, equipment, and vehicle schedules.
  6. Assist with the allocation of CORSA annual program costs to member offices and departments.
  7. Suggest alternative limits, additional coverage, and deductible options to members.
  8. Offer coverage not provided by CORSA.
  9. Attend Annual CORSA Renewal Meeting.
  10. Attend CORSA Annual Meeting.
  11. Attend CORSA Annual Agent Meeting.
  12. Cooperate with CORSA and with its members to support the policies and goals of CORSA.
  13. Provide general insurance and risk management advice and information to the CORSA program and advise CORSA staff of new coverage and services available in the marketplace that would be beneficial to the CORSA program.
  14. Keep members informed of, and encourage the utilization of, CORSA Risk Management Services.
  15. Establish claim handling procedures, and assist with claim issues, if requested.