By now you’re likely aware that early distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccination is underway.
County appointing authority employers likely have numerous questions regarding the vaccination. To assist
county employers the County Commissioners Association (CCAO) published the attached County Advisory
Bulletin (CAB) regarding frequently asked questions for COVID-19 vaccinations for public employees.
Please review the attached CCAO CAB without delay. Additionally:

1. Please be very mindful of applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and collective bargaining
agreements that govern the workplace. Obtain legal guidance prior to taking employment actions.
EEOC Guidance What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act,
and Other EEO Laws updated December 16, 2020 may be found at:
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2. CORSA members can take advantage of risk control policies and services at no cost to members
including the HR Helpline, Best Practice Personnel Policy Manual consultation, and HR Toolkit. CORSA
policies and services can be found at: CORSA remains committed to member service
throughout the pandemic.
This Risk Control Bulletin and attachments are not legal advice nor should they be construed as legal advice. We
recommend you consult your Prosecutor or legal advisor should you require a legal opinion. If you have questions
regarding this Bulletin or CORSA Risk Management services please contact Frank Hatfield, CORSA Risk
Control Manager, at (614) 560-1474 or Be safe.

Please click on link below for the CAB from CCAO.

COVID -19 Vaccinations for Public Employees