CORSA is excited to remind you of the upcoming transition to SambaSafety continuous driver monitoring coming January 1, 2020. Previously, we notified you of the upcoming change in a Risk Control Bulletin sent out late September. As indicated, Samba platforms will change and this change results in a significant upgrade in service that benefits CORSA members. Not only will the look of the system be completely different, it will include continuous monitoring. This means you will no longer receive annual MVRs. A driver’s motor vehicle record will be updated immediately upon driver activity and alerts regarding this driver activity will be sent to your email. For example, you will be notified that a driver incurred two points for speeding as soon as it is recorded on the driver’s record by the Ohio BMV. The current platform will be available until the platform transition is complete.

To make this as efficient as possible, CORSA Members must to go into their current Samba account by November 20, 2019, to make sure that the driver roster is up to date and that all former (e.g. retired, resigned, etc.) and inactive (e.g. FMLA leave; Military Leave) employees are removed from the list and the current list contains employees who currently drive as part of their job or may drive. This will ensure that when your account is migrated at the end of December that you are getting driver monitoring feeds for only active employees. This will prevent unnecessary driver monitoring.

Mishay Benson from SambaSafety will be doing a series of training sessions both before and after the account migration to ensure everyone is comfortable with the system and how to pull reports that you are using today. No registration is required, on the date you’d like to join just click below.

December 12th – 10:30am ET                        January – 6th – 3:00pm ET
January – 9th – 10:30am ET                           January 14th – 3:00pm ET

It is very important to attend so all members are aware of how to use the new system and what changes are coming. A recording will be available for members on the CORSA website.
In the meantime, please reach out to Mishay, (916) 288-6613 or Frank Hatfield, CORSA Interim Managing Director, (614) 560-1474, with any questions you might have regarding training or account access.

If you are not the individual responsible for checking MVRs for your member county, please forward to the individual(s) who are responsible.

Thank you.