The CORSA membership recently elected Teresa Diane Ward, Adams County Commissioner, to the CORSA Board of Directors. We are excited to have Diane serve on the Board and appreciate her dedication to the CORSA membership. Her past service as a Human Resources Manager and Loss Control Coordinator for Adams County brings extensive historical County and CORSA loss control experience.

Diane comes to the Board with a vast array of knowledge. Commissioner Ward served 24 years as the Franklin Township Fiscal Officer and was employed by the Adams County Commissioners between 2003 and 2016 as their Assistant Clerk, Clerk, then as the H.R. Director prior to being elected as the first woman commissioner in Adams County. She also served as the Safety Council Director and as the County Loss Control Coordinator on behalf of the county and was the Southwest Director of CLCCA for multiple terms.

“As a former County Loss Control Coordinator, I know the importance risk management services play in the every-day operations of a county.  Ensuring proper risk coverage and the implementation of precautionary programs are vital for successful risk management.  CORSA’s proactive approach for risk management through CORSA University, the HR helpline, best practice policies and other member benefits not only assists its members with risk reduction but also places members in a positive financial position by offering these benefits at no additional cost.  I look forward to working with the County Loss Control Coordinators, local agents, and human resource professionals as a member of the CORSA Board of Directors.” – Commissioner Diane Ward

Her knowledge and experience will be of great benefit to the CORSA Board. Please help us in welcoming Diane to the Corsa Board of Directors.