Who We Are

CORSA is a member-owned property and liability risk sharing pool sponsored by the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO). It was incorporated in 1987 as a not-for-profit corporation. CORSA is governed by nine Directors who are County Commissioners from member counties. The Directors are elected by CORSA members and are eligible to serve three, two year terms. CORSA operates under the authority granted by Ohio Revised Code section 2744.081.

History of Corsa

In 1982, the Ohio Supreme Court abolished sovereign immunity for all public entities in Ohio. The loss of sovereign immunity was compounded by the liability insurance crisis facing public entities, both in Ohio and across the country. Many insurance companies made the decision to stop writing liability insurance for public entities, and as a result, liability insurance for counties was either unavailable or unaffordable.

The CCAO formed a committee to address the issues of the loss of both sovereign immunity and liability insurance. Legislation was enacted that restored much of the immunity taken away by the courts, and separate legislation was also enacted which enabled political subdivisions to form risk sharing pools such as CORSA. In May, 1987, during the CCAO Summer Conference at Kings Island, nine counties, who are known as the “brave nine counties” took a giant leap of faith and made a ten year commitment to a bond debt that was used to provide excess liability coverage, and established CORSA.

Corsa Today

Now provides property and liability coverage and risk management services to 66 counties and 42 county-affiliated public entities. CORSA is a success story for intergovernmental relations, as members have joined together to provide greater value to their constituents. Much has changed since May 12, 1987. However, CORSA’s commitment to be the leader in providing members with broad protection and state of the art risk management services at stable and competitive costs remains unchanged.

CORSA has been providing Ohio counties with property and liability coverage and risk management services since 1987. Our membership now includes 65 counties and 30 county-affiliated entities. CORSA is owned by counties, governed by counties, and serves county officials and staff.

Coverage is constantly being expanded to keep pace with the unique and changing needs of our members. Our comprehensive state of the art risk management services have resulted in significant cost savings achieved by a reduction in claims and litigation, reduced staff workload, not having to purchase services that are provided by CORSA, and improved operational efficiency.

CORSA’s track record of providing our members with stable and competitive program costs, broad coverage, and comprehensive risk management services assists them with “being their best” as they provide exceptional cost effective services to their constituents.