CORSA does not provide coverage for any property located in Flood Zone A (includes any zone containing the letter “A”). We have contracted with Floodplain Consultants, Inc (FCI) to determine the flood zone for all currently owned and new property locations added by the county.

Once a determination is made that the county’s property is in Flood Zone A, the agent will receive a letter from CORSA stating the new location is in Flood Zone A. It is then important you take this information to the Commissioners and assist with obtaining a quote for coverage, if one is desired, from the National Flood Insurance Program.

FCI can also assist the county should they believe the property is not located in Zone A, or has been elevated above the base flood elevation by fill. We have attached an overview of how FCI can assist you as the agent when your county has property located in Flood Zone A. We have also attached an overview of coverage being provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Click Here for Overview of Assistance from FCI

Click Here for Overview of Coverage from NFIP